Sunday, December 30, 2012


The week before Thanksgiving Oliver was going hunting at his friend Randall's parents land. Since they had to be up early they spent the night over there and Sarah (Randall's wife) and I went over for dinner. So Randall's parents own a big piece of land with woods and a barn full of cows...and a lot of cats...and therefore kittens. And then I took one home with me....


 Alex really enjoys Oscar. He likes being able to carry one of the cats around.

His name is Oscar. And I will seriously not be getting another animal until one of our three kicks the bucket. Anyway, he is super fun and full of energy. He and Mikey had become the best of friends for a little while and then Mikey got some eye infection (which is better now) and now hates the world and specifically playful Osacr. Oscar is a little trouble maker and usually gets kicked out of our room at night because he will not sleep. He really likes to play with my hair an dandy ones feet (is hazardous while walking).
Luckily, his claws and manhood will be gone this coming Friday! We're all very excited.

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