Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Creation

This is something I found to do on pinterest. I made one for me, one for my mom's birthday, and one for Kaila who is getting married! Now that they have officially been given their presents I can show off my handy work without spoiling a surprise.

I used velcro instead of working with messy magnetic paint as they did on pinterest and I think they look amazing! All the blogs I looked at said the clear calendar sheets were the hardest to find so if you want to make your own go to because it is a WAY better deal. OR I will be making and selling these at the Farmer's Market this case anyone is interested.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I have found so many cute little houses for sale around Neenah, like the one above. I am so ready to have my own space again! I love my in-laws and am super grateful that they are letting us stay with them but I am so IMPATIENT. I just want to get out and I know an apartment is just throwing away money when there are soooo many houses for sale around here. Besides, I now have to share a bathroom with three boys since my two brother-in-laws are home for the summer (well, one will be on Wednesday). Anyway, I really just wanted to post that house because I love it. It's very small but very clean and cozy.

In other news, Oliver has not found a job outside of Appleton Steel yet. Still looking. I have learned to crochet and make some super cute head bands. 

Oliver is going to have a booth to promote his photography business at the Neenah Farmer's Market so I thought I would sell these also. It gives me something to do with all my free time. The semester was officially over at BYU-Idaho on last week Friday. A few more weeks and I should get my degree in the mail!!

The Saturday before Easter we were able to be chaperones for the youth temple trip. It was amazing and a very long drive :(. Oliver and I both have callings in the YM/YW. It has been loads of fun although some of the girls were in YW with me when I was there. So I am either Sister Heather (my mother-in-law is also in YW so Sister Clare is taken) or just Heather.