Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farmer's Market

Every Saturday over the summer was spent at the Neenah Farmer's Market. It took a ton of work and the second half of the season was not really worth it but we were able to promote Oliver's photo business a bit more and sold a decent amount of alphabet letters that we worked really hard on finding.

Oliver's sister, Amanda, shares the booth with us. She sold jewelry that she makes (and is upper gorgeous and has really good prices).

This was our booth and examples of the photo letters. Some of Oliver's photos were also available for purchase (we only sold two the whole season but got a lot of compliments). Also note that we had a banner made and polo shirts embroidered with his logo. We're pretty legit. He did get some photo jobs scheduled throughout the season but a lot of them cancelled for various reasons.

That's a better picture of the letters and one way I came up with to actually use them (besides framing your last name, which is how the whole alphabet thing got started because I wanted our last name done).

Over all it was a pretty good experience. We had some really yummy egg rolls from another vendor and made friends with our neighbor who crotchets hats. If we ever do it again we have already decided to only do the half season because 18 Saturdays is way too many.

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