Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

The past two years for the Fourth of July (one of my favorite holidays) we were in Rexburg. The first year I had to work and then Adrienne and Will stopped over and we lit some kind of fireworks in the parking lot. Last year, we walked all the way down to the fireworks in Rexburg and waited for about an hour and then left. We found out the next day that they had started 2-ish hours later, since the rodeo hadn't finished on time. This year the Fourth of July ended up being the only day that all of the Clares (Steve, Monica, Oliver, Heather, Emmett, Elliott, Amanda, Bob, Alex, and Elias) could make it to Noah's Ark together before Emmett leaves on his mission next week. So, we went to Noah's Ark! (Since it's a waterpark I don't have any pictures). It was a fantastic day and we got lots of sun but stayed cooler than our friends and family stuck here. We did a lot of slides and some time in the wave pool. I learned that I very much do not like waiting in line for water slides compared to roller coasters. The wave pool was by far my favorite part. I think it was a fantastic day, and we stopped at Pedro's afterwards for a snickers chimichunga (little piece of heaven). We also made it home part way through the Neenah fireworks so we walked to the park to watch some of them. It was a great day.

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