Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Future Plans

Oliver graduated this past July with a degree in Arts, emphasis in graphic design and photography. I will be completing my classes in a month and a half and then an internship at Little Angel Child Care in Appleton (my degree will be in Child Development with a minor in Marriage and Family Studies). Yep, that means we are heading back to Wisconsin in oh about, 44 days. We are both very excited to be back in Wisconsin where people know how to drive and plow the snow off the roads in the winter and the mall takes more than 10 minutes to walk through. I am planning on working at Walgreens when we transfer at the store in Neenah.

My parents will be coming out to Idaho the last week of classes with a nice big trailer to put all our stuff in. We are set to leave December 17 and begin the very long drive to Wisconsin, in time for Christmas :D

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